Next to photography I like to design books with my own pictures or design books for friends. As a volunteer I work at at project for pink life stories. Some of the stories I produce the text and the design, for others I did just the design and took care of the printing proces.

A very succesful project in 2016 was this book for the Amsterdam photographer Hugo Lingeman. He went up very early during the summer months to take pictures on the most busiest spots of Amsterdam but without any person in the picture. The only person in the book is the photographer himself :-)
For this book I did all of the production and the lay-out. The concept-design was made by Hidde van Bergen.
The first edition came on the market in November and was sold out two weeks before Christmas. The book is now in reprint and again available from the second half of januari 2017.

Some of the books are print-on-demand at, others are printed in Amsterdam. The biggest challenge was a reprint of a war diary of my grandmother-in-law. The text in old Dutch was digitally available but we (a family trio) had to illustrate the book with pictures of the family situation in war time and find pictures of the actions where she wrote about. Trying to find out and explain to the reader of today where she had her information from and how accurate she was, was a formidable job.It was published by the Mr. H.J. Steenbergen-Stichting.

Published under my own name was an overview book of the work of a Brazilian artist who lives and works in Amsterdam. The color correction was quite difficult. The book was bound to give it a more classy feeling.

War Diary Nathalie WvE-Faure372 pages, illustrated and with a subject index. Reprinted to celebrate the 70th Anniversary e liberation of Hummelo, The Netherlands
Hidden world of Régis GonçalvesA book with an overview of the work of this Brasilian artist who lives in Amsterdam


Martien Sleutjes (1953): during his study in History he started with artwork and lay-out for student magazines, like Pharetra, Free University Amsterdam. He designed posters for the action groups he participated. After his study he did for years the lay out of Homologie and started his professional career as lay-outer and secretary of the board of editors of a professional std-magazines. For that same organization he made leaflets and assisted in the print work of prevention campaigns. For Radio Netherlands he designed extra features for the websites and proposed the layout for the first automated sites. In later years he started designing photobooks as an extra possibility to promote his photo work. Lately he designs and lay outs art books, leaflets for exhibitions and art courses. He also lay outs the books in the serie Pink Lifebooks.

Morning in HollandFor the websites of Radio Netherlands Worldwide I made every working morning a picture between Amsterdam and Hilversum. I did that for 12,5 years. After 10 years I designed this book with a selection of themed pictures.
Marnix & HansjeA life story book for my parents in law.
Auby 24-05-2015

End of may we made a short walk around Auby part of Bertrix, Belgium. The new Fujifilm X-Pro1 had to be tested. Look in the album Bouillon for more pictures. 

When I started working as webmaster for the website of Radio Netherlands Worldwide we had problems with getting image material. To promote the use of a digital camera's by our own journalist I started in 2000 a (work)daily column called Morning in Holland (Hollandse Ochtend). Every morning in my own time on my way to work I made a picture in between Amsterdam where I live and Hilversum where the office was. Both place are in the province of North-Holland, which is a tiny but well-populated area of The Netherlands. So, the 'column' was named after this province.

In the first month I was afraid that I would run out of ideas but slowly the subjects presented themselves. I stopped with the column when the 'old' Radio Netherlands stopped and I was fired. At that time we just were able to celebrate 12,5 years of this column.

After 10 years I made a book with a selection of the thousands of images. It was divided in themes: daybreak, rivers (even in this small area there are a lot of them), Naardermeer (a beautiful nature resort), mills (of course), animals (from cows to cats), activities, winter, water & mist, architecture and stillness. The book is still available ( ).